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Projected Revenues

Projected Revenues 2021-2022

Projected Revenues 2021-2022
Revenue directed for use based on designated purpose according to state or federal government
Revenues:   $572.4M
Fund                                         Amount        % of Budget Revenues
General Fund                           $261.2M      45.8%
Special Education                      $70.9M       12.4%
Referendum                               $78.6M       13.7%
Compensatory Education         $39.8M        6.9%
Grants/ Other                             $62.4M      10.9%
Local Optional Referendum      $24.3M        4.2%
Integration & Achievement        $14.1M        2.5%
Q Comp                                         $8.8M         1.5%
Extended School Day                    $8.3M         1.5%
English Language Learners           $4.0M         0.6%