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Projected Revenue
In This Section

Projected SY 2019-2020 Revenue

Projected SY 2019-2020 Revenue

Revenue directed for use based on designated purpose according to state or federal government

General Fund



Special Education






Compensatory Education






Local Optional Referendum



Integration & Achievement


Q Comp


Extended School Day


English Language Learners $5,240,322  


Additional details on revenue types:

  • The General Fund is funded by the state of Minnesota and pays for everything from classroom teachers to secretaries to principals to custodians.
  • Special Education dollars are used to assist with the additional costs of providing required services to students with disabilities. MPS spends about $113 million dollars for special education services, $85 million of which we fund ourselves.
  • Referendum dollars, approved by voters this past November, are used for managing class sizes and providing supportive services and activities to students.
  • Compensatory dollars are generated for students eligible for free and reduced-price lunch. The dollars are allocated directly to schools based on the students enrolled on the Oct. 1 child count from the previous year. The formula for Compensatory dollars is determined by the State Legislature. 
  • State and local grants have specific unique requirements based on the grant.
  • Funded projects include federal programs such as Title I, which is allocated to schools with free and reduced lunch counts greater than 35%. This Federally-funded program has strict rules on how the dollars can be spent.  
  • The purpose of the Achievement and Integration program is to pursue racial and economic integration, increase student achievement, create equitable educational opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on students' diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in MPS. 
  • Q Comp dollars are focused on supporting the effectiveness of teachers, related service professionals, and education support professionals (ESPs) in order to increase the achievement of all students.  
  • Extended Learning revenue can be used for extended day, week or year programs such as summer school and after-school programs
  • English Learners dollars are received based on the number of students learning English their first seven years in the district. MPS acknowledges that this amount is not sufficient to provide services to the EL students so we are committed to using additional dollars for the English Learners program. Revenue is $704 per eligible student, and there is also a concentration factor of $250 per EL concentration pupil.