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Funding to Schools

Funding to Schools

Funding to Schools

What funding decisions are made at the school level? 

Site Councils are involved in all aspects of a school’s budget. Principals work with Site Councils to determine and communicate school needs and Site Councils can influence how some school funding is used in the school.  Compensatory and Title I dollars also have some optional uses if in compliance with the law.

  • Site Councils and principals can work together on the front end to identify key funding or programming needs for the schools, so that principals can communicate those needs to the school district.
  • Once the schools are notified of the school’s actual allotment, principals will look again to the Site Council for input on how some of those dollars are spent.
  • While Compensatory and Title I dollars are designated for specific uses, choices for how to use those dollars may be possible.

For information on getting involved in your school’s Site Council, please go to your school’s website or principal.