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Finance/Budget/Department Budget

Finance/Budget/Department Budget



In order to meet the challenges of the ever-changing fiscal and financial environment, we must budget based on our available resources and evaluate allocations based on their need and alignment to the strategic plan, Acceleration 2020. We are implementing the Priority Based Budgeting process for the 2017-2018 school year planning cycle. This process should not significantly impact schools and their budgets. All departments will develop plans aligned to the strategic plan and specific functional areas.

What is Priority Based Budgeting?

Priority Based Budgeting is a methodology we are using with departments to help invest resources to meet MPS’s strategic plan Acceleration 2020. It prioritizes functions rather than just funding for entire departments and provides transparency in the use of resources. It also shifts accountability for budgets from staying within spending limits to being results driven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Priority Based Budgeting impact?

Priority-based budgeting has the potential to positively impact all students, families and staff of Minneapolis Public Schools. Aligning staff resources and funding to specific focus areas will help accomplish the goals of the strategic plan.

What does Priority Based Budgeting mean for schools?

This process should have minimal impacts on our schools.  Our goal is that by engaging in this process for departments, we will be intentional about supporting the strategic plan therefore provide better supports for schools. The work being done in departments will be evaluated based on Acceleration 2020 and is intended to help provide the best outcomes for our students possible.

What is the timeline for Priority Based Budgeting?

December 12, 2016 – Department heads receive email with information about process and additional resources needed to complete spreadsheet

December 14 and 19, 2016 – Finance department hosts open lab sessions for department heads regarding Priority Based Budgeting spreadsheets

January 6, 2017 – Budget request spreadsheets are due to budget director

January 17-27, 2017 – Meetings with district leaders regarding budget requests

Mid-February 2017 – Allocations go out to schools and departments

What happens if a department realizes they need additional budget after budget tie-out?

All additional budget requests will go through a rigorous review process to ensure that it fits with the strategic plan and that it is necessary. The department head will have to fill out the additional budget request form, and the form must be approved by the Chief the department head reports to. Then Finance will review each form to ensure all information has been provided. The Priority Based Budgeting vetting committee will meet to review all additional budget requests and provide their recommendations of which should be funded or not. Cabinet reviews all the recommendations and makes a decision. If there is not consensus at the cabinet level, the Superintendent will make the final decision.

The department head will lastly be notified if their additional budget request was approved or denied. This rigorous process helps to ensure accountability in the budget development stage and discourages last-minute expenses.